Mountain Bikes for Sale

Ivanhoe Cycles has the largest range of mountain bikes for sale in Victoria. We have access to previous year models, ex-demo bikes, as well as the latest season mountain bikes from Giant, Rocky Mountain, Cannondale, GT and XDS, plus more. 

Need help choosing the best mountain bikes in Melbourne? Here's our guide to the types of mountain bikes, and various wheel sizes and what they mean.


Our Guide for All Things Mountain Bikes in Melbourne and Beyond


Bikes that only have a front suspension are also called hardtails. These mountain bikes are used for bike paths, rail trails, and even easy cross-country mountain biking. 

Compared to dual suspension mountain bikes, these are lighter, and simpler in their design (there are no pivots or linkages and no rear shock). Also, for a comparable price, hardtail mountain bikes will always have better quality components than a dual-suspension mountain bike. Shop online now to view our range of hardtail mountain bikes for sale.


For those riders who are spending much more time riding proper mountain bike trails, a dual suspension mountain bike (or dually) is a must-have. Why?

  • Traction. The wheels on a dual suspension mountain bike deliver much more grip and are therefore safer - especially when you’re starting to push boundaries.  
  • Comfort. Both wheels are suspended on (most of the time) air-spring suspension. On a hardtail, your back, legs and arms are the suspension; so as comfortable after a lap of Lysterfield Mountain Bike Park. 


There are 3 different mountain bike wheel sizes; 26-inch, 27.5-inch and 29-inch (also called a 29er). 

26-inch mountain bikes used to be everywhere. Now, this wheel size is really only used for kids’ mountain bikes and XS or small frame sizes. 

27.5-inch and 29er mountain bikes are now normal. So, which one do you choose? There’s no right choice; it comes down to personal preference. 

If you prefer a bike that is nimble, easy to manoeuvre and accelerates quickly, then you will like riding a mountain bike with 27.5-inch wheels (for example stop-start riding with the kids or in & out of traffic, or if your mountain bike trails are tight and technical). 

On the other hand, 29er wheels cover more distance with less effort, making these more efficient. So if you’re commuting or riding with minimal stop-start, a 29er makes more sense. Bigger wheels are also more stable. They roll over stuff easier too. So, if your mountain bike trails are littered with tree roots and rocks, these are the wheels you want to be on.




If you’re going to be riding on fire roads, bike paths and rail trails that are smooth dirt, gravel and concrete, then the best choice of mountain bikes are:

1. Giant ATX 
2. Cannondale Trail 
3. GT Aggressor 
4. GT Avalanche 
5. Giant Talon



For those who want to attempt riding entry-level mountain biking trails at places like Lysterfield Mountain Bike Park, the You Yangs (Kurrajong side) and Red Hill, then consider these options:

1. Cannondale Trail
2. XDS Boss
3. Rocky Mountain Growler
4. Giant Fathom



Our massive range of dual suspension mountain bikes starts off at the Giant Stance. The Stance is perfect for teenagers and adults who are starting to learn how to rough ride single-track. 

For riders who want more performance, consider the:

1. Giant Anthem
2. Giant Trance
3. Giant Reign

Or, the Rocky mountain equivalents:

1. Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt
2. Rocky Mountain Instinct


For more information about our range of mountain bikes in Melbourne, contact our team today. Visit your nearest Ivanhoe Cycles store, give us a call, or shop online for the best range of mountain bikes for sale.