This Giant Trance and Trance 29 buyers guide explains the range for the model year 2020. And it then links to each individual GIant Trance mountain bike for an in-depth product preview.


The Giant Trance range is available in two frame types, Aluminium (called ALUXX SL) and Carbon (referred to as Advanced and Advanced Pro, for the Trance and Trance 29, respectively). 

Also, there are 2 types of Giant Trance: the Trance 27.5 (or just Trance) and the new Trance 29. The difference? Wheel size, suspension and geometry. If you want detail, then read our comparison of the two platforms here.

If you want specific model information, by clicking on the links or products below, it will take you to a more detailed information page.

For the model year 2020, this is what the range looks like:

ALUXX SL (aluminium)
Giant Trance 3 2020 RRP $3,399.00
- Giant Trance 2 2020 RRP $3,999.00

Advanced (carbon):
Giant Trance Advanced 2 2020 RRP $4,699.00
Giant Trance Advanced 1 2020 RRP $6,499.00

And for the new Trance 29:

ALUXX SL (aluminium):
- Giant Trance 29 3 2020 RRP $3,499.00
- Giant Trance 29 2 2020 RRP $4,099.00

Advanced Pro (carbon):
Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29 2 2020 RRP $5,499.00
Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29 1 2020 RRP $6,499.00
Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29 0 2020 RRP $10,999.00



Both the Giant Trance and Trance 29 are termed Trail bikes. 

What does this mean? It means they are perfect bikes for the rider who wants a well-designed all-rounder. Both bikes can climb and they deliver superb stability and complete confidence in technical descents. 

So it doesn’t matter where you ride, the Trance and Trance 29 are the most versatile mountain bikes in the range. 

Places, where the Giant Trance is fitting, are Lysterfield Mountain Bike Park, Red Hill, the You Yangs or Silvan. Going on a mountain bike trip to Blue Derby or Mount Buller? The Trance is your bike for these too.



A lot more detail is covered in the Trance and Trance 29 Bike Comparison article, but this is a quick overview:

1. SUSPENSION TRAVEL. The Trance has 140mm of rear-wheel travel paired to a 150mm suspension fork. The Trance 29 has a 115mm of rear-wheel travel paired to a 130mm travel fork. 

2. WHEEL SIZE. Trance equals 27.5-inch wheels and the Trance 29 rolls on 29-inch wheels. 

3. HANDLING. The Trance 29 is going to be a touch more stable at high speed than the Trance 27.5. It will also climb more efficiently than it’s small-wheeled sibling. But the 27.5 is easier to control and will prove a touch more agile. 

The Giant Trance you choose will come down to where you ride and how your ride.

Are your local trails tight and technical? If you love a bike that's playful and you're style of riding is such that you enjoy popping-off tree-roots and rocks, you'll relish riding the Trance. Are you a wheels-on-the ground rider? Do you prefer to be stable and composed at high speed? Are you local trails flowy and fast? Then the Trance 29.