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The Giant Talon should be your go-to bike if:

One, you’re going to ride with the family on a variety of surfaces; gravel, dirt, concrete bike paths or rail trails. 

Two, you want to go riding to get fit. And you prefer to do it on a mountain bike.

Three, you’d like to give mountain biking a shot on some easy trails. 

Moreover, the Giant Talon isn’t a hard bike to ride. It’s got a comfortable and relaxed riding position which is perfect if you’re just getting back into cycling because most new riders can maintain a relaxed riding position much longer than an aggressive one. 

For 2020, there are 4 choices:

- Giant Talon 29er 2 $999.00 
- Giant Talon 29er 3 $749.00
- Giant Talon 2 $999.00
- Giant Talon 3 $749.00

We go into a bit more detail about each Talon mountain in the products below. 

In summary:

The Talon 2 has better suspension, gears and comes standard with tubeless wheels, compared with the Talon 3. 

The difference between the Talon 29er 3 and Talon is just the size of the wheels. One version is 29-inch (or 29er) wheels and the other 27.5-inch wheels. 

Which do you pick?

As a quick comparison, the Talon 29er should be your choice if you want an efficient bike. Per wheel rotation, you travel further - equals less effort on long rides. Mountain biking? Larger wheels deliver more stability over rough terrain making it easier to ride over small tree roots and rocks.

And the normal Talon?

It delivers quicker acceleration. Perfect for stop/start situations such as riding with the kids. Or if you're local mountain biking trails are constantly twisting and turning, smaller wheels make cornering much easier.


Really, there’s no wrong answer. The version you buy depends on what you’ll be using it for and your personal preference. 

And if you don’t have a personal preference, just pick the colour you like. Because you’ll adapt to whatever wheel size you get.