Giant Reign E+ Pro 2020 Preview | Information Guide

Author: Manish   Date Posted:13 August 2019 

Giant Reign E+ Pro 2020 Preview | Information Guide main image Giant Reign E+ Pro 2020 Preview | Information Guide image
2020 Giant Reign E+ Pro E-MTB information guide. This preview covers key aspects of the 2020 Giant Reign E+ Pro E-MTB range. The guide covers electronics, geometry and frame information and a brief model guide.


What we’ve all been waiting for has finally happened. Today Giant has released details of their new 2020 GIant Reign E+ Pro E-MTB dual suspension mountain bike range. In this preview, I’m going to go through what’s new, geometry changes, electronics and the different build kits. 

And speaking of build kits, there are three new models in the range; the Reign E+ Pro 0, the Reign E+ Pro 1 and the Reign E+ Pro 2. 


The basics. The new Reign E+ Pro has been engineered for 27.5 wheels and comes equipped with 2.6-inch wide tyres across all three models. 

It’s also worth noting that GIant has used top-of-the-range Maxxis Minion DHF and High Roller II tyres for the front and rear, respectively. If there was a Hall of Fame for tyres, these would be in it. And it’s one less component to upgrade.

Giant Reign E+ Pro TyreGiant Reign E+ Pro Brake

Like the non-Reign E+ (analogue Reign?), this one also delivers 160mm of rear wheel travel, and its paired to a  170mm travel front end from Fox Suspension. 

Giant Reign E+ Pro MaestroGiant Reign E+ Pro Suspension

No Rock Shox has been used; I suspect because Fox deliver a better E-Mountain Bike specific suspension chassis and suspension tune. 


SyncDrive Pro is the most powerful motor you can get on a Giant E-MTB. 

For 2020, the motor is 15% quieter than previous generations. And still has 5 modes to select from. There is 80Nm of torque available too. And it’s more accessible at high cadences (170RPM) and only in the top two modes - Power and Sport. 

And as you can see from the photos, the combination of (accessible) torque and cadence means you should be able to climb Everest. Or, near enough. 

2020 Giant Reign E+ Pro 1 MotorGiant Reign E+ Pro Guard


100% of your mortal human torque accesses 360% of the SyncDrive Pro’s torque (in Power mode). Using the Ride Control App, this can be changed for each Assist Level to customise the ‘feel’ of the power output.



Also new for 2020 is a feature called Smart Assist. 

Imagine riding up a climb and it's getting harder and harder, lungs bursting for air. The last thing you want to do is think about stuff. You just want to get out of the hurt locker. 

That’s where Smart Assist comes in. It will automatically deliver more power - as long as you keep your cadence high and you’re in Power or Sport modes. 

Smart Assist does this by constantly calculating your torque, cadence, speed and the slope you’re riding on. 

Giant Reign E+ Pro Smart Assist



That’s what the display is called. And it has 2 columns of LED lights indicating Range and Assist Level - the bare basics. 

However, you can attach your mobile phone to the handlebar and use it as a display screen through the Giant RideControl App. RideContol One is compatible with Bluetooth and ANT+ device, so you can use your Garmin Edge GPS computer too.

Giant Reign E+ Pro Ride Control OneReign pro controls



The EnergyPak Smart battery is the most premium battery in the range. It has the highest cell density and handy auto-off function when connected to the smart charger. 

Say if you’re not going to be using your bike for up to 3 months. The optimal charge you should store the Reign E+ at is 60%. When you want this, just press the orange button on the smart charger and it wills top charging once it reaches 60%. Otherwise, leave it and it will fully charge to 100%. 

It’s also got fast charging. Form zero, it will take 1.45 hours to get your battery to 80% charge. 

New for 2020, is EnergyPak Plus - it’s a battery range extender. In this case it gives you another 250Wh of battery, making the total battery capacity 750Wh. 

No idea on how much the range extender is. I will update once I know.



Rather than make an E-MTB from the ground up, more brands are duplicating their most successful ‘analogue’ platforms. We experienced it with the Trance E+ last season. 

Like the Reign 27.5, the Reign E+ Pro uses Giant’s ALUXX SL aluminium. This is a fancy word for Giant’s double-butted aluminium. It’s more sophisticated than the commonplace aluminium on the majority of bikes - an advantage buying from one of the world’s biggest bike brands.

As it happens, there are a few differences between the bikes:


Thankfully, Giant has steepened the seat tube angle from 72.5-degrees (Reign) to 75-degrees (Reign E+ Pro). 

This will put riders in a way better climbing position, weighting the front wheel on steep climbs and positioning your pelvis over and slightly in front of the rear shock - minimising pedalling effects. 


This length has been increased across all sizes on the Reign E Pro. Compared to the Reign, the E-version increases by +5mm (S), +15mm(M), +5mm(L) and +5mm(XL). 

This will deliver a more upright seating position and better weight distribution (centered to rearward) on steep, technical descents. 


Giant has used a 44mm fork offset on all Fox suspension forks across the Reign E+ Pro range. The normal Reign uses a 46mm fork offset. 

This has the effect of increasing the Reign E+ Pro’s Trail Number from 120mm to 124mm. 

What the hell does this mean?

The E-Reign will be more stable at speed and on raw, technical singletrack. More Trail means the front wheel will better ‘self-correct’ itself at speed.

Giant Reign E+ Action 2Giant Reign E+ Pro Action 3


Chainstay length has been increased by a not inconsiderable +35mm across all sizes of the Reign E+, compared to the shorter Reign. 

This, and the steeper seat tube angle from before, should deliver a Reign that climbs better (even without the electronic assist). A trait that is slightly lacking from the current Reign 27.5. 



In Australia, there are 3 Reign E+ models (Or build kits) to choose from.

REIGN E+ PRO 2 $7,699.00

The stepping stone into the range. The Reign E+ Pro 2 has been designed for riders who are buying their first E-Mountain Bike (E-MTB). Every component on this build kit is at the cutting edge of technology - and at a far more affordable price point. 

It’s the new SRAM NX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain, it’s suspended on benchmark Fox suspension with the incredible DPX2 rear shock and the Float 36 upfront with the latest GRIP damper. 

If there’s one thing you don’t get on this model that you do with the other two Reign E+s, it’s the new hookless rim technology. Otherwise, it’s a very, very competitive build kit.

2020 Giant Reign E+ Pro 2

REIGN E+ PRO 1 $8,799.00

The Reign E+ Pro 1 is designed for the experienced rider who wants the best affordable performance package. And hate upgrading stuff once they’ve bought a bike.

The Pro 1 has an upgraded rear shock (Fox Float X2) that’s designed to be more supple, supportive and delivers better traction on technical, raw singletrack. 

A wheel upgrade (these are Giant’s new E-Bike specific wheels) will deliver quicker acceleration, stiffness, support and you get access to the latest hookless rim tech.

2020 Giant Reign E+ Pro 1

REIGN E+ PRO 0 $11,499.00

Wow. This one’s a Hyper-Bike E-MTB build. 

Fox Factory suspension (see the gold coating on both front and rear shock). SRAM AXS 12-speed electronic wireless drivetrain, and electronic wireless dropper seat post. Carbon E-MTB specific wheels. 

No upgrades necessary.

2020 Giant Reign E+ Pro 0