Women's cycle clothing

Cycling clothing is designed for a specific purpose and that is to make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable by keeping you cooler and allow for the body movement you need to ride.

Whether you are a casual weekend rider, a commuter or a dedicated enthusiast, your ride will benefit from as little as one piece of dedicated cycling clothing.

When you are riding, your body position is to some degree leaning forward.  For this reason, you will find that tops and jackets have a longer back to keep you covered and a shorter front to prevent bunching.   Long-sleeved jerseys and jackets have extra length in the arms to keep you covered while outstretched.

Cycling knicks or shorts have padding which will help to absorb road shock, which goes a long way to a more comfortable ride. If there is one thing that I cannot recommend enough and I promise you will never look back - it's getting yourself some cycling shorts.