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Cannondale is a bit of a quirky and eccentric brand. Over almost 50 years, they have engineered products from the very strange to the artful, amazing and industry-shifting. One trait though has been a constant - quality. Especially, quality in producing high-end carbon and aluminium frames.  Cannondale’s designs may have been out there, but they were never inferior quality.  

Such is the case with their new breed of recreational mountain bike - the Cannondale Trail. 

And I mean exactly that, it is a new breed. Because it’s modern, thoughtful and delivers an exceptional ride quality. 

Usually, this level of thought and attention to detail is reserved for high-end mountain bikes, but it’s the amateur riders who need benefits most from it. 

And what is that difference?

Geometry. It’s the least understood and the most critical aspect of a mountain bike. It dictates everything; handling over rough terrain, how you’re positioned and overall, confidence on the bike.

The Trail mountain bikes have modern geometry numbers that result in:

1/ A  much more stable front-end handling (less oversteer). 
2/ Better agility (for improved climbing and manoeuvrability).
3/ A more relaxed riding position (less pressure on the back).  

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